Norwegian health official sounds the alarm: “Many municipalities now have a rising infection trend”

Espen Rostrup NakstadPhoto: Håkon Mosvold Larsen / NTB

Corona infection in Norway has increased by 53% in just one week. Assistant health director Espen Nakstad fears a fourth wave of infection before school starts.

Nakstad is concerned about the recent infection developments.

“The most worrying thing is the fact that many municipalities now have a rising infection trend, and they will not be able to end the outbreaks before school starts,” he wrote in an SMS to NTB.

“Then, we could enter a fourth wave of infection characterized by the delta virus before we reach the goal of the vaccination program. If that happens, it could lead to a significant increase in infection among the unvaccinated, and a new increase in serious cases of illness and hospitalizations,” he warned.

Nakstad emphasized that there is great uncertainty about further developments.

“Fortunately, many people will be vaccinated in the coming weeks. This will make it easier to stay in control for a few more weeks.”

Infection among young adults 

According to FHI’s Preben Aavitsland, infection among young adults is driving the infection increase.

Much of the infection is associated with private parties, alcohol-serving venues, and other gatherings.

“This is currently not dramatic. Rapid progress in the vaccination program will give the virus increasingly poorer opportunities to spread,” Aavitsland wrote in an email to NTB.

However, he emphasized that the health authorities do not want too much spread of infection, as the virus can then also reach unvaccinated elderly people, who can become seriously ill.

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