Norwegian Janne Myrdal won in North Dakota


Norwegian Janne Myrdal (54) moved from Skien to the U.S.A. at the age of 20. From next year, she will represent the Republicans in the state Senate in North Dakota.

The Norwegian woman resides in Edinburg, North Dakota. She is anti-abortion, and pro the right to bear arms.
During her campaign against Democrat Quentin Wenzel, she has been particularly concerned with education, agriculture and the economy, reported the newspaper VG.
On Wednesday, she won the battle for a seat as state senator after a long campaign. Myrdal received 64 per cent of the votes in District 10 in the state.
‘Now, champagne is flowing  here. We are very happy, but it almost feels  a bit surreal’, said Myrdal on the phone to VG after she learned the result on Wednesday.
She told the newspaper that Donald Trump is not a great hero, but she dislikes Hillary Clinton far more, and considers her to be dishonest and corrupt.
She is not surprised that many people have been supporting Trump.
‘People are fed up. They want to try something new’, she said.
Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today