Norwegian man suspected of dating scams and getting millions

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A man in his 30s was on Friday jailed for four weeks after being reviewed by seven women he met through a dating site. He got for himself around five million crowns from those women.

The 30-year-old man was arrested Wednesday in Sweden after a collaboration between Swedish and Norwegian police. Police pursuant the request for him in Skien District Court to receive four-week detention, according to newspaper Aftenposten.

The man should have got women to lend him money and a total of seven people have now reported him. Police are investigating whether there could be more women who have been cheated.
– Together these seven cases apply of fraud for five million, said police attorney Gunstein Bjørgum in Telemark police to the newspaper.

Police call this “sugar affair” because 30-year-old began relationships with women on online dating at The issue has not been discussed in the media earlier.

In addition, the man charged with a case of intimidation and a case of intimidating behavior. The aggrieved women residing in Oslo, Telemark, Østfold and several places in Western Norway. 30-year-old convicted of similar cases previously.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today


3 Comments on "Norwegian man suspected of dating scams and getting millions"

  1. Lee m. Tran | 30. August 2016 at 09:24 |

    Congratulations Norway to catch the bad guy !!
    He shall be put for 10 years jail times.

  2. I thought the Norwegian and Sweed were smarter then that.
    Why in the world would you lend . oney to a guy over the Dating internet. OMG ypu have to be really stupid. after all the warnings oveer the years.
    STUPID STUPID STUPID STUPID. Sorry but I can NOT feel sorry for you.

  3. 4 WEEKS of jail time???
    he is laughing all the way to the bank . Thios a holiday for him then be back out and do it all over .
    WTF is wrong with your justice system 4 weeks???????
    should have ben 10 years

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