How to learn Norwegian while building skills for the workplace

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Building your Norwegian skills for job-seeking and the workplace can be key for following your dream career path. Read on to learn how to improve your ability to speak, write, and understand Norwegian in professional settings.

Navigating Norway’s job market can be tough

The Norwegian job market has always been competitive… So, what does it take to get noticed and selected among thousands of applicants – and land your dream job or get a promotion in Norway?

How can an international citizen navigate through the codes and ethics of the Norwegian workplace? How should one adjust their CV and application to the Norwegian standards? What’s the appropriate tone of communication or even… The dress code?!

Finding the answers to these questions – and many more – can be made much easier by getting a grasp of the Norwegian language – and culture. After all, learning the language is vital, but without proper and comprehensive guidance, there’s only so much you can do to be noticed.

Success is far from impossible – especially with the right assistance

There are many factors to take into account when trying to maximize your chances of success within Norway’s job market.

These include communication skills in Norwegian, confidence when holding presentations, and the ability to negotiate in the employer’s language.

Speak Norsk
Photo: Courtesy of Speak Norsk

Networking is key in Norway, along with making connections and friends. Having good relationships in the workplace overall is important; for example, being in good standing with your employers – who can give you a good reference letter for other jobs down the line – will take you far. Through conversation, socializing, and networking, advancing on your career path will no longer seem like a mirage.

You’re not on your own in learning the ins and outs of Norway’s job market – professional Norwegian language school Speak Norsk is here to help.

Speak Norsk has launched the first-of-its-kind online Norwegian business course in Norway, focusing on the aforementioned factors when it comes to searching and landing a job in the country.

An A-Z course in mastering the Norwegian workplace

During the course, expert teachers will guide you through typical Norwegian standards in a workplace environment, the unspoken rules when it comes to meetings and interviews, the art of negotiation, and things you need to know when communicating with your boss and colleagues – or even when applying for a loan in Norway.

Wondering if the course is the right fit for you? It very well might be, if you fall into one of the following groups for whom it was tailor-made:

  • Professionals working in companies or self-employed individuals who wish to become experts in the workplace
  • Students learning Norwegian for their future careers
  • Anyone interested in public speaking, professional writing, and/or communication in Norwegian
Speak Norsk
Photo: Courtesy of Speak Norsk

The idea behind the course is simple: providing international citizens with an all-in-one, comprehensive guide that dives into detail and prepares them for the real world in Norway.

From its start, Speak Norsk has been dedicated to helping students land their dream jobs in Norway. Now, with the newly launched online business course – which is accessible to anyone, anywhere in the world – Speak Norsk’s students can familiarize themselves with the market and have a greater understanding of what’s expected and what to do upon arrival or while living here.

What future students can expect

We’ve got the lowdown on Speak Norsk’s business course details for anyone curious to learn more.

Concretely, topics covered in the course will enable students to:

  • Learn how to write formal letters, emails, and other correspondence
  • Discover how to write the perfect CV and cover letter, addressed and adjusted to the Norwegian market
  • Gain a wider understanding of the Norwegian language, working environment, and cultural differences in Norway
  • Find out about about job opportunities and job requirements in Norway
  • Understand how to communicate with colleagues and employers
  • Grasp the concept of networking and the art of negotiation
  • Be able to structure and make business presentations in Norwegian
  • Widen their professional vocabulary with words and expressions used in administration or at any office
  • Determine how to express opinions and concerns in a professional manner
  • Master tips and tricks – what to do/what not to do during an interview in Norway
  • Ascertain how finance and sales work in Norway
Speak Norsk
Photo: Courtesy of Speak Norsk

Kristine is the business course’s main teacher. She assists students throughout the course and makes sure their questions get answered. She also sends corrections and feedback to students’ audio files, written texts, and other assignments.

Speak Norsk
Photo: Courtesy of Speak Norsk

Ready to dive in?

Speak Norsk awaits.

Find out more about how to land and advance your dream job in Norway on the course’s dedicated page here.

For any and all questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to Speak Norsk’s team of passionate entrepreneurs and teachers, who are dedicated to making your life in Norway even better.

Reach out through whichever channel works best for you! Here are Speak Norsk’s contact details:

This post has been published in collaboration with Speak Norsk.

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  1. Hello
    Just think about this simple/catastrophic dilemma:
    Here are the facts to be considered
    1. Highly educated persons having a great work experience
    2. Introduction Program extends for 6 months only
    3. Achieving level B2 in Norwegian within those 6 months
    4. Academic Norwegian study is not available
    5. Only 18 months of normal Norwegian study is available which is dedicated to non-educated persons.

    So what?!
    That is really a waste of time and efforts that within those 6 months we won’t be able to achieve neither Norwegian B2 level nor integration requirements to be able to enter the labor market and becoming effective figures in this community.

    Please help us solving this problem


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