Norwegian Red Cross have made over 300 rescue missions this year

Norwegian Red Cross of over 300 rescue missions this yearGolsfjellet.Minister of Local Government and modernisations Jan Tore Sanner (Conservative Party).Right image.Photo: Geir Arne Bore / Røde Kors / NTB scanpix

The same day the Red Cross opened its information center at Gol in Buskerud, the organization’s number of rescue missions made by the rescue corps so far this year surpassed 300.
– The Red Cross makes an invaluable contribution and makes everyone who live in the mountains safer, said Local  Minister of Government and Modernisation  Jan Tore Sanner  said to the news agency NTB after he  opened the Red Cross Easter Central on Saturday.
He  both got a ride snowmobile and took part in an emergency preparedness exercise.
– I got to see the important contribution they make. They turn out quickly and ensure that people who get injured in the mountains, get help, says Sanner. He will now spend some holidays in the mountains before he opens The Gathering in Hamar Wednesday.
In the Easter nearly 200 rescue corps with over 1,150 relief workers in total are in heightened readiness throughout the country. A total of 140 duty stations is staffed in almost all  the major mountain areas and along the coast of Vestfold.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today