NRK refuses to remove “blackface” content from its TV archive

NRKPhoto: Gorm Kallestad / NTB

Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK) will not remove or change content that contains “blackface” in its own historical archive.

On Thursday, Discovery / Dplay decided to remove some of its content after criticism for the use of “blackface.” 

“Blackface” is a term that refers to a white person painting their face black or brown to caricature people with dark skin color.

Prior to the removal of content by Discovery / Dplay, the Instagram account “racisme_i_norge” had published a post in which they criticized the content. 

And NRK?

Jamal Sheik, who is behind the Instagram account, also posted a post in which he questioned NRK’s ​​choice not to take a deep dive into the archive.

However, NRK will neither remove nor change anything from its own TV archive – as Discovery has done – the channel announced.

NRK’s ​​entertainment editor Charlo Halvorsen explained that the archive is 60 years of Norwegian TV history and that things have changed over time.

“We have a great awareness of which words and means can be perceived as or can be racist in everything we publish,” Halvorsen said.

He says that NRK, therefore, avoids using these words and means in what they publish today. 

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