Nurses are sick of the job

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One third of the sick leave among nurses is due to high a workload, a new survey from SINTEF shows. – its bad, believes the federal leader.


– “This is bad. I expect both politicians and employers to take these findings seriously and make their workdays less stressful,” said federal leader Eli Gunhild By of the Norwegian Nursing Association (NSF) to the Newspaper News Agency (ANB).

According to the SINTEF report, almost one third of the sick leave among nurses are work-related. The absence is due to, for example, high physical workload, high workload over time, sleep problems due to shifts and getting infections from patients and or colleagues.

“The big workload is the top reason why 20 percent resign from nursing after the first ten years from completing their education,” says By.

Additionally, the report shows that health institutions are not good at facilitating the health problems.

According to Høier’s health spokeswoman Sveinung Stensland, the findings also indicate rooted organization and poor management in several institutions.

– “Much can be solved with better management. The way in which the workdays are organized means a lot to the employees’ health and well-being,” says Stensland, who believes everyone in hospital management, from senior management to departmental levels, must take into account the findings of the sick leave absences in the SINTEF report.


NTB Scanpix / Norway Today