Oslo does not rule out waiting for the opening of schools and kindergartens

Oslo City HallOslo City Hall.Photo: Lise Åserud / NTB scanpix

The opening of kindergartens and schools in Oslo can be delayed, says city council leader Raymond Johansen (Ap).

To TV 2, he does not rule out, earlier statements that Oslo will follow national recommendations to reopen kindergartens this coming Monday, April 20, and schools a week later, this may be reassessed.

– “How Oslo will handle the opening of kindergartens and schools, we will come back to after the national guides are available on April 16. Risk assessment of infection and spread locally in Oslo will of course be important for determining at which time we reopen municipal services such as kindergartens and schools,” says Johansen.

In a report that the Directorate of Health handed over to the government on Saturday before Easter, recommending a gradual reopening of society, it states that “In areas of great contamination, kindergartens, schools and leisure facilities should remain closed”. Oslo has a significantly higher incidence of the Coronavirus infection than the rest of the country, the report further states.

The government has nevertheless chosen to treat the whole country equally.

Johansen also points out that the government is open to dialogue on the matter.

  • “It’s good,” he says.

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  1. Oslo should wait to end lockdown until a week or 2 after the Solberg government has *finally* ordered everyone to facemask in public, including in schools.

    Otherwise, it will be murder.

    Note that the EU’s ECDC is stating (NTB) “EUs smittevernbyrå anbefaler offentlig bruk av munnbind i Norge.”

    Meanwhile, Norway’s *Guri Melby* says “Hun påpeker at åpningen av barnehagene er basert på faglige råd og tall om coronasmitte blant barn i blant annet Sverige.” that she and the Norwegian government are basing their opening policy on *Sweden’s* example, and Sweden’s let-it-rip policy’s death count is starting to take off!

    You could not make this up.

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