Oslo Freedom Forum starts on Monday

Oslo Freedom Forum MukwegeDr Denis Mukwege is among the participants of this year's Oslo Freedom Forum. Photo: OFF

Oslo Freedom Forum on human rights starts on Monday

The launch of the human rights conference Oslo Freedom Forum (OFF) is on Monday. For the eleventh year in a row, activists from around the world gather in the capital of Norway.

Renowned names on this year’s list of attendants are former Nobel Peace Prize winner José Ramos-Horta from East Timor and Chinese artist and democracy activist, Ai Weiwei

Journalist Fabiana Rosales from Venezuela, who is married to the country’s opposition leader Juan Guaidó, comes to Oslo as well. The leading Saudi women activist Manal al-Sharif will be there too. She recently completed a drive from San Francisco to Washington DC to focus on the ongoing human rights violations in her home country.

1,000 Participants

“More than 1,000 participants from nearly 40 countries have so far been registered for three days long Oslo Freedom Forum conference. Human Rights Foundation (HRF) is hosting the conference. More than four times as many persons participate this year than in 2009,” Communications Director of Human Rights Foundation, Maggie Halley, tells NTB.

“Additionally, more than 100 journalists from international media such as The Washington Post, CNN, The Economist and BBC are enrolled,” Halley continues.

The Human Rights Foundation is headed by Norwegian-Venezuelan Thor Halvorssen and the Russian activist and former Chess Champion, Garry Kasparov. The latter has previously referred to Oslo Freedom Forum as «the ultimate collection of dissidents in the world».

About the Oslo Freedom Forum

The Oslo Freedom Forum is a network of passionate advocates committed to the promotion of human rights across the globe.

From tech experts promoting free expression in Western countries to political dissidents living under totalitarian regimes in North Korea or Cuba, our members are dedicated to finding innovative ways to expand human freedom, from encouraging free expression to advancing rule of law. During the Forum, these industry leaders and rights defenders unite for compelling conversations and electrifying presentations that will change your perception of the world.

We believe that all people are entitled to live freely without fear of government oppression.

The Forum was founded on the idea that all human beings have a natural right to live free of political oppression. But that right doesn’t defend itself. The Oslo Freedom Forum provides a space for advocates to learn methods for amplifying dissent, using cutting edge technology to challenge tyrants and drive reform.

We provide a platform for revolutionary thinkers to share their ideas and speak truth to power.

We work to raise the voices of people living under oppressive regimes. At the Forum, these activists meet with luminaries from dozens of industries and more than a hundred countries in order to share ideas, tactics, and strategies for improving the lives of millions of people around the world.

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