Oslo police are asking for tips in mysterious alleged kidnapping case

PolicePhoto: Fredrik Varfjell / NTB

A man was allegedly subjected to violence in Lindbäckveien in Oslo on Saturday night and taken against his will in a car. The police are still asking for tips.

“No new tips have been received during the night,” Anne Tveit at the Oslo Police District told news bureau NTB.

On Sunday afternoon, the police asked for tips in the case to get a clearer picture of what happened in Lindbäckveien on Nordseter in Oslo on Saturday night.

What is known is that the police received a message at 10.13 PM from several witnesses who independently said that a man was subjected to violence and taken into a car.

No reports

The car drove out on Ekebergveien before it disappeared, but the police did not want to issue any report regarding the car or the people involved in the incident on Sunday night.

“So far, we have only received one tip that we are looking at. It is based on an observation made in the immediate area. We are looking into it more closely,” police superintendent Kenneth Wilberg, head of the section for organized crime in the Oslo police, told NTB on Sunday night.

He stated that no one had so far been reported missing in Oslo after the incident.

“If someone had been reported missing, it would have put the case in a different light. But the fact that there has been no missing person report does not necessarily mean that no one is missing,” Wilberg added.

“This can be anything from a small incident of violence to a deprivation of liberty with a more serious outcome. We are working hard to get to the bottom of this,” Wilberg told TV 2.

The channel pointed out that kidnappings have taken place in the criminal circles in the past, pointing to the incident at Holmlia in 2015. 

At that time, a family father was detained and tortured for two days. The man was accused of stealing a large amount of drugs.

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