Oslo police district requests temporary right to bare arms

Police:Police.Photo: Gorm Kallestad / NTB scanpix

Oslo Police District has asked the Police Directorate (POD) for permission to temporarily arm the police force at the capital.


– “We confirm that we have sent a request for temporary armed forces, but we do not want to go more into detail,” writes press chief of Oslo police district Unni Grøndal in a message to NRK Friday evening.

It is thus unclear whether the armed forces concern all police forces in the capital, or whether it applies only to parts of the area. They do not want to release any information on the responses they have received from Police Directorate (POD).

Justice and Emergency Planning Minister Per-Willy Amundsen confirms they have received the application to the same channel (NRK).

– “The Ministry has received a further request for temporary armament consent and it will be processed accordingly. We have no comments beyond this,” he says.

On Thursday, the Ministry of Justice and Emergency Affairs responded yes to an application to temporarily arm the police at Oslo Airport. The consent was based on PST’s overall threat assessment, and a risk and vulnerability analysis from the East Police District.

The permit is valid for three months at a time.


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