The Oslo Pro-Centre warns about sex for commodities

Young couple kissingYoung couple kissing.Photo: Kyrre Lien / SCANPIX NB Modellklarert

In some youth cliques in Oslo it is apparently ok to trade sex for other traits. The support services have too little knowledge and ignores the problem, concludes a report made by the Pro-Centre on the subject

– Youngsters who exchange monies, gifts, items, food, clothes, accommodations, travels or experiences for sex. Some even use sex as a means to achieve contact with adults, a sense of belonging or to be accepted in a group, according to Ulla Bjørndal, who has written two reports to be submitted today.

“Sex as Capital” deals with the knowledge by the support services, and ”

“Suspicions and gut feelings” concerning lone underage asylum seekers.

The latter is a particularly vulnerable group. Employees of the support system suspect that these youngsters have experienced selling and exchange of sexual favours both during the migration process and after arrival to Norway

Bjørndal emphasises that viewing this bartering as different from prostitution is not widespread, but limited to certain groups.

The reports conclude that there is too little knowledge about this area, and that there is no systematic research on trading sex for commodities.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today