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Oslo Progress Party wants a ban on refugees

Carl i Hagen, Oslo Progress Party , Frp Nobel Peace Prize GovernmentGrand old man in the Progress Party, Carl i Hagen (FrP).Photo: Terje Pedersen / NTB scanpix


The Progress Party in Oslo refuses social clients to settle

Leader of the Progress Party in Oslo, Mazyar Keshvari, wants to refuse refugees who receive social security benefits the right to settle in the capital.


– Refugees and asylum seekers who are resident in a municipality should be self-supporting before they can move to Oslo, says Keshvari.

Oslo Progress Party has submitted a proposal for a resolution that the county counsil hopes will be adopted during the congress this weekend. The Editorial Committee has not yet decided whether the proposal should be considered or not, as is the wish of Keshvar.

– it is not a human right to live in Oslo, and it is legitimate for the state to make claims towards people who wish to receive social benefits and are living on welfare transfers, he says.

Keshvari believes the consequences will be huge if a settlement ban is not legislated.

– If we do not make demands, and we get a collection of non-Western immigrants with no connection to the labor market in some neighborhoods we risk ghetto formations and Swedish circumstances, he says.

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