Oslo tightens corona measures again, “red” level introduced for all schools and kindergartens

Raymond JohansenPhoto: Håkon Mosvold Larsen / NTB

The infection situation in Oslo is very serious, City Council chief Raymond Johansen (AP) said during a press conference on Tuesday. 

He urged the city’s population to take personal responsibility.

“Right now, the situation is very serious. Each of us must now take personal responsibility for reversing this development,” Johansen said. 

The City Council announced that the measures would be tightened further – all schools and kindergartens will have to operate at the “red” level. 

People should avoid visits at home, have as few close contacts as possible, and avoid gatherings indoors completely, Johansen said.

He pointed out that the mutated virus variants have made it much more difficult to beat the infection in this round. Last week, more than 1,300 people were diagnosed with coronavirus in Oslo, the largest number ever.

Mutated virus

“A large part of the city’s population can be vaccinated by the summer. But that does not help us right now,” Johansen said.

When asked by NTB about why the infection is rising, Johansen noted that many people are careless in complying with the infection control rules.

He pointed to children and young people in particular, who meet each other across cohorts, classes, and sports teams.

“It is an important cause of the infection we now see, because this mutated virus is so much more contagious than we have seen before.”

Kindergartens and primary schools 

Kindergartens and primary schools will have to operate at the “red” level in Oslo, and leisure activities for children will be banned. 

“We have never seen so much infection among the younger population,” Jonahsen added.

The new measures will apply until Easter. The “red” level does not mean closed schools but a greater degree of school from home. 

All indoor leisure activities for children and young people will be stopped, and leisure clubs with indoor facilities will be closed. 

Johansen says the City Council would like to shield children and young people, but that it is unfortunately not possible to do so due to the mutated virus.

“We see that the infection is now increasing sharply among the youngest. The mutated varieties are more contagious among children and young people, and we have never seen so much infection among the younger ones as we do now. The infection is increasing throughout the city and in all age groups, but to a particularly large extent among those between 10 and 19 years,” he warned.


At the same time, Johansen warned residents who are tired of measures.

“Now, each of us must take on personal responsibility to reverse this dangerous development,” he said.

Until after Easter, he asked that people meet as few others as possible and avoid having home visits from others. 

He also asked people to limit possible close contacts and keep the greatest possible distance from others. Indoor social gatherings should be avoided altogether.

In addition to tightening the rules for children and young people, all the other infection control measures that have already been introduced will be continued. 

Restaurants must be kept closed, with the exception of takeaway. Only grocery stores, pharmacies, and some other stores can stay open. There is still a ban on events and the serving of alcohol. 

Gyms, theaters, and cinemas have to remain closed.

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  1. I don’t understand this vaccine strategy. It’s the youth of the society who are moving around, and who are not abiding by the law, partying, going to schools, shops and …

    All vaccinations are targeting the elderly, which for sure are more vulnerable, but they’re not the ones circulating the virus! I don’t know but if it was me, I would vaccinate the youth, skiers, partiers, students, … and have the elderly wait for a couple more months in their residences, since their mobility is already low anyway.

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