Norwegian Outdoor Life demands a halt in the diminishing of Norwegian nature

Norwegian Outdoor Life Wind TurbinePlans for large-scale wind power development concern the outdoor life organsations. Photo: Marius Dalseg Sætre / Norsk FriluftslivPlans for large-scale wind power development concern the outdoor organizations. Photo: Marius Dalseg Sætre / Norsk Friluftsliv

Norwegian Outdoor Life demands a halt in the diminishing of Norwegian nature

Large investment in wind power is one of the major threats to Norwegian nature and outdoor life. This is the message of the resolution recently adopted by Norwegian Outdoor Life.

Plans for large-scale wind power development concern Norwegian Outdoor Life (Norsk Friluftsliv), the umbrella organization for 17 outdoor life organizations, with a total of over 950,000 members A demand to preserve Norwegian nature was one of two resolutions adopted at their annual meeting on 9 May.

“We cannot just stand idly by and watch while Norwegian nature is inflicted irreparable damage. Something must be done to ensure that we can continue to experience nature and outdoor life in the future,” Secretary-General Lasse Heimdal states.

Norwegian Outdoor Life is not against industry, new roads and wind power in general, but believes much more needs to be done to ensure that development of renewable energy is against nature’s premises.

“It is important to think two thoughts at the same time. We were recently reminded that we are not just facing a climate crisis, but that nature itself is also in a crisis by the report of the UN Nature Panel. The main reason for this is alteration in the usage of the land. We are equally dependent on a diverse nature as of a liveable climate, and we must keep that in mind in our energy policy,” Heimdal continues.

Heimdal believes the most important thing we can do now, both for nature and climate, to reduce energy consumption is:

Before we build new large wind power plants in the mountains, we must rather take out the great potential of energy efficiency and other measures that preserve the valuable natural areas.


Resolution adopted by Norwegian Outdoor Life

Conserve Norwegian nature!

Important outdoor recreation areas are besieged from many fronts: among other factors, diminishing, climate change, illegal barriers, transport measures and cultural landscapes that are not maintained. The amount of natural areas without human intervention in Norway is also greatly reduced in recent decades.

Large investments in land-based wind power are now also threatening to seize enormous natural areas.

Norwegian Outdoor Life demands that nature’s own value must be given far larger importance in conflicts regarding the use of land. The development of renewable energy must take place on the premises of nature, and with the least possible loss of Norwegian nature. Energy economisation and other energy measures devoid of major natural interventions must be realized rather than the development of more wind power plants. Nature must be weighted more when licensing such plants.

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