Over half a million do not get their favorite dish on Christmas Eve

Christmas ribsChristmas ribs.Photo: Meny

22 percent of those under 30 wish they ate something other than what is on the dinner table on Christmas Eve. Among all over 18, 14 percent are dissatisfied with the Christmas menu.

Norwegians are very traditional when it comes to the menu on Christmas Eve. Juleribba (Christmas ribs) are served most often, although pinnekjøtt (stick meat) has increased significantly in sales in recent years. In the weeks leading up to Christmas, however, Meny notes that we are increasingly ready to try out new Christmas traditions.

Less traditional food, more vegetarian

– It is not surprising that most young people do not get their favorite dish on Christmas Eve. They probably decide to a lesser extent the menu as guests and may not be as engaged with traditions, nor as used to traditional food otherwise during the year. They have grown up in a time where we are constantly influenced by international cuisine. In addition, among the young people we find the most vegetarians, says Nina Horn Hynne, communications manager at Meny.

The survey was conducted by YouGov on behalf of Meny.

When asked “Do you usually eat the dinner you most want on Christmas Eve?”, 83 percent of all over the age of 18 answer “yes” and 14 percent “no”. Two percent say they don’t celebrate Christmas. There are insignificant differences related to gender and where in the country one lives.

Of those over 50, 9 out of 10 eat what they fancy on Christmas Eve, while 76 percent of those under 30 say they do.

According to a survey by Matprat, 44 percent of Norwegians eat ribbe on Christmas Eve, while 34 percent eat pinnekjøttKalkun (Turkey) comes in third with 5 percent. 3 percent eat cod and 2 percent pork.

Green Christmas menu

More and more people are getting a dinner party on Christmas Eve that has either cut down on meat consumption or is a vegetarian. Here are recipes for vegetarian Christmas dinners, including nut steaks, Vegme “ribs”, Christmas steaks and vegan cakes.

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