Paal Frisvold launches nett site for European political issues

Paal FrisvoldPaal Frisvold.Photo: Bjørn Sigurdsøn / Scanpix
Advertisements will make the EU more visible in political debate in Norway.

Paal Frisvold told NTB news that “I am among those who have complained that we do not have enough EU material in Norwegian media. So we’ll take matters into our own hands.’’

He’s started the independent website,, patterned on, which was founded by Are Tågvold Flaten, and, where former NTB journalist, Trine Andersen, is editor.

Frisvold highlights Brexit and the EU election in May as two issues he will follow closely in the initial phase.

The goal is, according to Frisvold, to become a counterweight to a Norwegian press who almost only read English and who hang far too much in legal processes around the EEA.

“My intention is to bring good writers in other European countries, so that we can lift up Italian, French, Spanish, Polish, and German politics, countries that we do not hear from so often” he said.

Frisvold himself is now back in Brussels after a brief engagement with the Norwegian seafood council in Paris.

Previously, he was the head of Bellona’s office in Brussels and worked as a lobbyist and consultant in the EU capital.

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