Driver dies in a tunnel crash in Hordaland

Car tunnelA typical single lane car tunnel. Photo: Engin_Akyurt / Pixabay

Driver dies in a car crash in a tunnel on the E16 in Hordaland

The driver of a passenger car lost his life in a head-on collision with a lorry in the Trengereid tunnel on the E16 in Hordaland on Friday.

The police were notified of the accident at 11.22 am.

“The car driver was declared dead on the spot by health personnel,” Operations Manager in West Police District, Morten Rebnord, tells NTB.

The lorry driver escaped from the accident without physical injuries.

The 1,773-metre long Trengereid tunnel on the E16 was closed for several hours after the accident. The tunnel reopened slightly before 8 pm on Friday.

“We have got both vehicles out of the tunnel,” Operations Manager in West Police District, Per Algrøy, informs NTB.

The accident happened about 400 metres inside the tunnel, according to the police.

“The lorry was driving in the direction of Voss, while the passenger car was heading towards Bergen. On the basis of witness observations and on-site investigations, there are reasons to believe that the passenger car has crossed into the oncoming lane and hit the lorry.”

Police technicians and the Norwegian Accident Investigation Board investigated the scene of the accident in the afternoon.

Eight persons sent to the hospital after a traffic accident in Byrkjelo

Eight persons are sent to hospital treatment after a traffic accident in Byrkjelo in Sogn & Fjordane on Friday afternoon.

One person is seriously injured and has been flown to Førde Hospital by air ambulance.

Another seven are driven to the local hospital by ambulance. One person is also brought to the local emergency room for a check-up. These are referred to as suffering minor injuries.

There were a total of nine persons in three cars involved in the accident, which occurred at Bergheimsvatnet on the E39 in Gloppen municipality.

“We do not know much about the course of events, but it is slippery on the road,” Operations Manager in West Police District, Per Algrøy, reports to NTB.

“The police are on site and conduct technical investigations in addition to directing the traffic. There are no traffic problems at present,” Algrøy continues.

The Main Rescue Centre Southern Norway at first reported that they sent a rescue helicopter to the accident site. The helicopter returned to Florø as there was no need for it, NRK reports.

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