Parents apply to NAV for financial support for Confirmations

Confirmations, Studies, Photo: PixabayConfirmations, Studies, Photo: Pixabay

Financial support for Confirmations

NAV experiences annual applications from parents seeking financial support for confirmations. Trondheim pays around 5,000 towards the celebration to families with low financial possibilities.


Head of Department at NAV in Midtbyen in Trondheim, Knut Kvassheim, told Adresseavisen that they are not obliged to give assistance, but they can grant so-called ‘special support’.

The guidelines from Trondheim municipality state that a family may receive up to approximately NOK 5,000 for a Confirmation celebration.

– We give around this amount, sometimes more, sometimes less. How much is determined after individual assessments.

Support for Confirmations is included under the heading ‘Expenditure Expenses’. Trondheim’s four NAV offices use between 20,000 and 30,000 each annually.

Most of the money is paid out in April, May, and June, so I think a lot is spent on Confirmations, says Kvassheim.

The support goes to sober, alcohol free celebrations.

– There are no extravagant celebrations; it is moderate celebrations we support. The vast majority of those who have a low economy are good at getting this done even without our help. They know what they have, and make a Confirmation celebration with that, says Kvassheim.


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