Parents convicted of beating their children with towels and broom

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A set of parents from Myanmar is in Court of Appeal sentenced to suspended prison sentences for beating several of their children with various objects such as towels and a broom.

The judgment includes serious abuse over a period of five years for three of the family’s five children. All the couple’s children are currently under the child welfare care.

One of the sons was awarded 50,000 kroner in damages. According to the indictment started the violence against him in 2008 when he was three years old and continued until 2013.

In initial hearing was indictment extended to matters dating back to 2003. The verdict pointed out that the abuse must have started before the family came to Norway, while they lived in a refugee camp in Thailand.

In Asker and Bærum District Court, the man was sentenced to ten months and the woman to nine months suspended the sentence. The judgment was appealed to the Court that on 25 May sentenced the man to one year and mother to eight-month suspended prison.

Both parents denied guilt in court. The children, however, have told about the extensive use of violence, which the court believed.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today