Pediatrician got fined for reading patient journals

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Pediatrician got fined and a warning for reading patient journals

A doctor, who was employed at the Southern hospitals, has been fined by the police and a warning from the Board of Health for illegal snooping in patient journals.


In March this year, the pediatrician was dismissed from Sørlandet Hospital when it was discovered that he had made more than a hundred illegal searches over several months in medical records that were not related to his work, reports NRK.

– He has broken the law by reading the medical records of six patients he was not treating, says Aud Nordal, Section Head in the Norwegian Board of Health.

Nordal says that a warning is the most commonly used reaction in such cases, but if the doctor is found guilty of repeating the offense, the repercussions will be stricter.

It was a male patient in psychiatry who reported the matter to the hospital after the doctor had privately fronted a child care case on behalf of the man’s spouse. The man claims the doctor used confidential information about his mental health against him in the case. The doctor not convicted for doing this.

NRK has been in contact with the doctor who does not wish to comment on the matter.


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