Police called out to gang fights at Tøyen and Furuset

Police at work, gang fightsOslo.Police at work.Photo: Vegard Wivestad Grøtt / NTB scanpix

Police called out to gang fights at Tøyen and Furuset

On Friday evening, the Oslo police were called out to mass gang fights in both Tøyen and Furuset. At Tøyen, several of those involved were seen with knives and machetes.


Oslo police wrote on Twitter that they’d received information that between 10 and 15 people were fighting in Tøyen.

Operations Manager, Tor Jøkling, of Oslo Police District, told NTB news agency that witnesses described it as a gang fight. The police were told that people on the ground were being kicked.

Several people were allegedly armed with knives and machetes. Witnesses said that those involved were probably of foreign origin. Jøkling said that when the police arrived, people ran in all directions.

‘Four people were injured. They were examined by doctors at the scene. One of them was taken by emergency services, but none of them wanted to accompany him, so they were released by health care’, said Jøkling.

Armed patrol

‘We talked to them to get the background, to find out what happened. We also interviewed witnesses and retrieved video’, continued the Operations Manager.

Armed police patrols are still searching for those involved.

‘Many indications marked the fighting as score settling in a youth environment’, said police commander, Erling Holstad, to Aftenpostennewspaper.

Jøkling told NTB news agency that they have been given details of some who know the people in the gangs, who are aged between 20 and30. He added that the witnesses have no control over most of those involved.

Arranged fight between boys from Furuset and Drammen

On Friday night, the police wrote on Twitter that ‘these are people who are previously known to the police’ and that it was probably an arranged fight.
At 21.12, the Oslo police reported another gang fight, this time at Furuset school.
The report said that 20 people were fighting, with, among other things,baseball bats.
Emergency teams moved out, and ten minutes later, police reported that they’d found several people injured, who were examined by health personnel, as the police searched for the perpetrators.

‘A person has a fractured face, and is being cared for by health services’, wrote the police.

Those involved were described as young people, and of foreign origin.

The police told VG newspaper that it was probably an arranged fight between boys from Furuset and Drammen.


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