Police deported 331 people in January

TrandumNational Police Immigration Service (NPIS). Trandum.Photo: Heiko Junge / NTB scanpix

The police immigration unit (PU) deported 25 percent fewer people in January this year compared to the same time last year.

Of the 331 who were sent out in January, 265 persons were deported or expelled, while 26 were refused asylum, PU stated in a press release.

40 asylum seekers were sent to another country in the Dublin Cooperation to process their asylum applications there, or to a so-called safe third country where they already have a residence permit.

124 of those who were deported were due as punishment. Of these, 17 percent came from Romania, 10 percent from Lithuania and 7 percent from Poland.

The PU (unit) is mainly responsible for the transport of people who are denied asylum to Dublin or to a safe third country, while the police districts have the responsibility for the transport of persons to be deported or expelled.

It was Sweden that accepted most, a total of 33 people, followed by Romania (25), Italy (22) and Russia (21). 24 of those sent out were Romanians and as many were Russians. Of other nationalities, Ukraine (23), Albania (17) and Turkey (16) were among the largest groups.

In total, eight minors were sent out, all with their parents.

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