Police investigate possible rape after woman found unconscious in Oslo

rapeOslo.Police investigate possible rape.Photo: Stian Lysberg Solum / NTB scanpix

The police in Oslo are investigating a possible rape after a woman was found unconscious at Langkaia on Friday morning.


“The woman was found just before 06.30 on Friday morning, and was in such a condition that we found reason to suspect she had been subjected to sexual abuse,” said Øyvind Torgersen, vice-chief of the Oslo police to NTB news.

The police have blocked off an area just outside of Havnelageret at Bjørvika.Crime technicians were working at the site by 07.30 and took pictures and secured evidence.

Much is still unclear around the incident. The woman was unconscious when she was found at Langkaia in Bjørvika, Oslo. Torgersen would not provide further information about her or the findings that lead to the suspicion of sexual assault.

“She was run to the assault reception at the the accident and emergency department in Oslo. We have not managed to question her yet,’’ said Torgersen.

The police have a big enquiry underway at the scene, and have blocked a larger area off on Langkaia, vis-à-vis the opera.


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