Police in Kristiansand working with concrete clues

KriposKripos.Photo : Tor Erik Schrøder / NTB scanpix

Police in Kristiansand has received several interesting tips in connection with a double murder on Monday. They are now concrete clues. On Tuesday morning the police announced the names of the two victims.

They are Tone Ilebekk (48) and Norwegian-Somali Jacob Abdullahi Hassan (14) , who were  both stabbed on Monday just by  ‘Wilds Minne’ school. Both later died in hospital from their injuries.

At a press conference tonight, the  investigation chief and Head of Community Relations Unit at Agder Police, Terje Kaddeberg Skaar, called for more information about what the 14 year old boy was doing in the area.

– One of the more interesting pieces of information we have received from the public, relates to the movements of the boy before the murder took place.

We have learned that he took the bus from Kristiansand center at 15.30 and got off at Lund near the school and the scene of the murder.The bus ride takes about 10-12 minutes. That means he was near the scene around  15.42 to 15.44, said Skaar.

The school the 14-year-old went to is Fiskå school in Vågsbygd, about 7-8 kilometers from where he was killed.

– We are very interested in getting in touch with people who know what the deceased was doing in Lund. Did he have a meeting with someone, was he seeing someone? We welcome your tips, said Skaar at the press conference.

Many questions

Police have received many tips from the public, and have seen such high demand that it is possible that some people did not manage to get through to the police.

– If someone has tried but not managed to get in contact with us, we  will ask them to contact us again,  underlined Skaar.

The 48-year-old woman who was killed, worked as an assistant in Lund kindergarten a short walking distance from the scene, and was out walking her dog when she was stabbed, according to NRK. She was the mother of two adult children and lived in the area.

– There are one or more perpetrators. We do not know who they are, nor do we know much yet about the case, stated Chief Terje Kaddeberg Skaar.

When asked if people have something to fear, he replied:
– For the police, it is an open question what the risks are.
Parents in Kristiansand will now be afraid to let the children walk home alone from school after this double murder, NRK reported.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today