Police students to issue emergency passports at Gardermoen

Pass control at GardermoenPass control at Gardermoen.Photo: Vegard Grøtt / NTB scanpix

Students from the Police Academy are being employed as summer temps at Oslo Airport in summer. The reason is that the staffing there is critically low.

The tasks that the students will be required to undertake include issuing emergency passports, according to NRK news.
– To issue an emergency passport is one of the  service tasks of the police , but were initially given lower priority this summer because of the scarcity of resources. We have subsequently prioritized using additional resources and appointing police students as summer temps to ensure that emergency passports still can be issued this summer,  Acting Head of Eastern Police District, Bjørn Vandvik, said to the newspaper Dagbladet.
The Delegate for the functional unit of the police in Romerike, Audun Martinsen, told the newspaper that this will solve the emergency passport crisis and that the post of the police at the airport can open again.
–  However, this measure does not solve  not the problems with the staffing in the border and operative section, Martinsen says.

There is a total of 175 police positions at the airport, but if you also take positions that are vacant, temporary positions that are not being extended, sick leave and people on vacation into account, there are now 150 people in  the rota of the airport police, according to the newspaper.
It is not yet clear how many police students that are to be employed, or the dates on which they are to be employed.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today