Polish Consul asked to leave Norway

The Norwegian Government’s strategy for cooperation with PolandPolish flag. Photo: pixabay.com

A Polish Consul is declared as undesired by Norway

A Polish consul has been asked to leave Norway after he has acted incorrectly towards Norwegian public officials.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (UD) confirms that the Polish diplomat Slawomir Kowalski has been declared undesirable in Norway.

“We can confirm that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has urged Poland to recall this consul,” Press Officer, Ane Haavardsdatter Lunde, tells NTB.

“The background is his actions in several consular cases that are not compatible with the role of a diplomat,” she elaborates.

Norway’s otherwise good relationship with Poland is not affected by this matter, it is emphasized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The message where the consul was asked to leave Norway was given at a meeting between the Polish Ambassador, Iwona Woicka–Żuławska, and the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Kowalski has been mentioned several times by Norwegian media in connection with cases related to child welfare in Norway. Among other things, he has contributed actively in assisting Polish families who have been in conflict with the Norwegian child welfare services.

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6 Comments on "Polish Consul asked to leave Norway"

  1. This is all about that consul has helped a lot of Polish families with this crooked mids business of Norway called Barnevernet which take kids away from their families with any stupid excuses that in any other country they would laugh at it,this is a business same as in Germany in where their system do same things and there is already international scandal about Barnevernet ,but it’s mostly political why Polish consul is not welcomed in Norway anymore since he got in Barnevernet way to take kids and he helped with about 70 cases and other is that Polish government give Silje Garmo and her younger daughter asylium in Poland after her first kid was taken away and next one was about to ,but she escaped.

  2. Actually he helped with more then 150 cases, where Barnevernet kidnapped children with no reason. The ‘agency’ is collecting big money for each kid.
    Criminal corrupted Norwegian government. What about broken International Diplomatic Dode? Norway shame on you!!!

  3. The Nazi’s took away children the same way to build Hitler’s army.

  4. Stay away from Polish children. Nazi style methods just like in the Hitlerjugend. That is your Barnevernet. But you remember those methods well, don’t you? Norway was one of the chief Hitler allies, a Nazi country. Do you still love Vidkunem Quislingiem so much?

  5. Barnevernet is the office who under protection of law “Kidnapping” kids ignoring fact that they are not citizens of Norway. The consul have rights to see his citizens and protect them. Norway violating international law. Barnevernet is the organization ruled by law developed when Norway was coo eratig with German Nazis. That time the state needed children to shape them to be nazist. Today is great business. Today consult of Norway in Poland was asked to leave Poland in a one week. Bravo Norway!!! That my opinion.

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