Politicians free parking is a case in Oslo

Oslo City Hall.Oslo City Hall.

Oslo politicians’ free parking area at town hall can soon history. The municipality’s administration proposes to remove the private spaces, writes Aftenposten.


Parallel with the politicians tightening parking and car use in the capital, there has been criticism that there are 32 free parking spaces at town hall for the city’s leading politicians. Several alternatives have been proposed including paying for the parking spots, to be used by the politicians who need them the most, or converting the spaces to a bicycle parking facility.

The City Council’s administrative department has been investigating the matter, and Aftenposten has seen their recommendation. “The administration proposes to allow six spots to be held for “special cases” as sickness among employees at the town hall. Two spots must be for disabled parking. Three for service cars and for an electric car for borrowing and the area will also be able to accommodate 200 bicycles and better wardrobe/locker room facilities,” writes the newspaper.

– “A very good recommendation. Removing those parking spots are fine,” says Sunniva Holmås Eidsvoll, group leader in SV, she has a parking spot but has never used it.

Another group leader, Frode Jacobsen, was among those who proposed to let the politicians pay for the parking lot. He says the proposal is interesting, but awaiting the city council’s recommendation.


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