Pope Held Mass For 1.3 Million in Peru

Pope FrancisPope Francis arrives to celebrate Mass at the Las Palmas Air Force base in Lima, Peru, Sunday, Jan. 21, 2018. (AP Photo/Karel Navarro)

Pope Francis finished his Latin America tour by holding a mass for 1.3 million believers in Peru’s capital, Lima. This gave a nice completion to the Pope’s trip before his plane took off on Sunday evening.


Controversy and fuss have stolen much of the attention during the Pope’s week-long trip to Chile and Peru.

Pope Francis first traveled to Chile, where he met women who had been sexually abused by Catholic priests and apologized for what they had experienced. Later, however, he awakened rage when he rejected the allegations of assault victims that a bishop had known about the abuse and did not do anything to stop them.

Several churches had been set afire during the pope’s trip to Chile, and the police had to use tear gas against the protesters during a mass that was held in the country’s capital, Santiago.

The Pope received a warmer welcome in Peru, where he, among other things, went deep into the Amazon to defend the rights of the indigenous people and speak against corruption.


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