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Power restored for many Customers

Power Restored Agder Eidsiva ElectricReparing Power Lines. Photo: Agder Energi


Many customers in southern Norway have the power restored

Around 1,000 households still has to resort to candles in the Agder counties, Hedmark and Oppland on Thursday afternoon. Earlier in the day, 6,000 customers were without electricity.


In Hedmark and Oppland alone, more than 5,500 of Eidsiva Energi’s customers had to make do without electrical power on Thursday morning. The reason was faults in the so-called regional grid lines that supply large regions with power.

– Today large grid lines were affected. We hasd faults on two regional power supplies, which affected a lot of people, but we also experienced other high voltage errors. – We employed three helicopters to locate the failures, additionally, the weather conditions have improved a lot, says Communications Director for Grid and Production at Eidsiva Energi, Ragnhild Børresen Abrante to NTB.

The power company hopes that it will not take long before the rest of the customers get their electric supply restored.

In southern Norway, crews were also working hard with corrections on Thursday. Around 3 pm, 655 customers were without electricity in the Agder counties.

It is the big snowfall in recent days, which is the main reason for the major problems. There were also heavy winds in southern Norway night before Thursday, and the power companies therefore assumed that many would lose their electric supply.

Current power outages in Agder can be viewed here.

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