Princess Astrid is honoured by The Norwegian Women’s Sanitation Association

Princess Astrid, Mrs Ferner fills Sunday 85 yearsPrincess Astrid, Mrs Ferner.Photo: Sven Gj. Gjeruldsen / Det kongelige hoff / NTB scanpix

Princess Astrid of Norway, Mrs Ferner, was awarded the Norwegian Women’s Sanitation Association’s highest honour for her effort and work for the organization over the past 63 years.

The princess will be one of 34 people awarded the association’s badge of honour during a ceremony on Wednesday evening.
Since 1954, she has been the association’s high guardian, a place she took over from her late mother, Crown Princess Märtha.
‘The Women’s Sanitation Association have an important legacy to pass on and convey to new generations. We see what no one else sees, or wants to see, and we do something about it. Princess Astrid has been our guardian for 63 years, and a confident and proud ambassador for the organization’s work,’ said organizational leader, Ellen-Sofie Egeland.
Local associations all over the country have previously been visited by Princess Astrid on notable anniversaries, for opening new buildings, and other events.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today