Thank you letter to the Norwegian Penal System

prison system man cell Penal SystemMan staring out of his prison cell. Photo: Donald Tong / Pexels

Thank you letter to the Norwegian Penal System

Norway Today has received a thank you letter from the sister of an inmate. We are pleased to relay his message to the Norwegian Penal System.

The situation like my family had it, especially my brother was really bad childhood and poor back days in Lithuania. My story is about my brother Lukas.

He’s serving a prison term in a Norwegian prison.

He was jailed for illegal items. ”That was a first and the last offence,” Lukas says. He admits that was a huge mistake in his life. It changed his mind about his lifestyle completely.

He’s working in the prison, as a foreman. Happy that he can do new things and learn a lot from them. During his prison term, he has followed several courses, leaning a trade.

I’m really proud of him because he finds the bright light at the end of the tunnel. And it’s all thanks to Norway and the systems of human beings that really recover the prisoners and sentence waiters.

But there is not everywhere like in Norway. Great Norway has a deal with other countries that if they got they citizens cached as a criminal. So in some point, they will deport them back to they’re originally born. It’s ok it is a fair play.

But my brother has 9 months left before returning to freedom. A main part of the story is that the crime he did it with very bad people from Lithuania.

That means when he is going to be deported back home, danger to his life is awaiting him. Because of their money, bad people gonna go to that point to get the money back from him. He was sentenced to more than 2 years for that.

He learned that lesson he just wants to live his new normal life. The deport would break his life once again and stronger than ever before.

We don’t want this I don’t want this, he’s my best and lovely brother.

The main part of the story is that Great Norway thinks it is a better atmosphere and location for the prisoners are back home.

But there is really not. Norway is paying a lot of money to the countries for that, but the countries like Lithuania are not ready to get people for improved recovery of their citizens.

We are a new country we are learning still. Like 29 years only we are as an independent country. Need a time but we need others to help too. My message is that the top G countries like Norway, Sweden and other northern countries are our basements they mean a lot to us because they like older brother teaching us, our little ones. But to think that jailed person from rich of resources country like Norway going to be sent to a very poor country to be a better person that’s wrong and anti-human.

I don’t know what to expect or that I’m expecting anything. Just sharing my story with others because for me that’s wrong. Probably because people think differently about it.

Thank you for your time,

A gratefull sister

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