Project against sexual abuse of children in Agder results in 20 convictions

Norwegian policePhoto: Vidar Ruud / NTB

Agder police district’s project “OP Pandora” has uncovered 50 victims under the age of 18 who were exposed to abuse, and has led to 20 convictions in Agder.

In a press release, the police district revealed that, behind the figures in the project, many small children had been given a new life.

At the end of 2019, a separate section was established in the police district to investigate such cases.

“We are transforming this project into a permanent section in the police district to ensure that those who commit abuse are not allowed to continue to do so in secret,” section leader Thor Atle Pedersen in Agder police district noted.

The project “OP Pandora” has, among other things, generated 135 new cases and uncovered 50 victims under 16 or 18 years. 

The project has led to 20 convictions. 

Several of the sentences are quite long.

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1 Comment on "Project against sexual abuse of children in Agder results in 20 convictions"

  1. old wise and educated | 12. October 2020 at 19:33 | Reply

    is there a statute of limitations ?
    A custody case in Norway–a year ago–granted custody to a Norwegian man–who acknowledged in court–which is therefore on record–that he had taken sexual advantage of 2…. 14 year old girls..dismissing it as having done so when ”he was young and silly”
    Years beforehand he had told the mother of the child involved in the custody dispute..that ”in Norway–you can get away with anything if it is one persons word against the other”
    He had also been arrested on rape charges later ..he arranged for someone to go to the police station and tell the police that the rape victim was always accusing men of rape.
    He walked free.
    The police had concrete evidence that an act of violence against the victim had occurred..including photographic evidence of facial bruising etc.
    Is Norway–a paradise for rapists and Paedophiles..?
    Primitive and disgusting

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