Razzia against the waste industry

waste industry paperFully automated waste paper facility. Photo: Norsk gjennvinning / avfallbransjen.no

Competition Authority: Razzia against the waste industry

The Norwegian Competition Authority last week made unannounced visits to operators in the market for receiving and handling of waste. This was done to secure evidence.

The Competition Authority has seized relevant material for review during the razzia.

“The purpose of the securing of evidence is to confirm any suspicion of illegal cooperation in the form of exchange of strategic information between actors in the waste industry,” Director of Investigation of the Norwegian Competition Authority, Kari Bjørkhaug Trones, writes in a statement on the home page of the Authority.

No details are provided on how many, or which, companies received unannounced visits last week.

Illegal price cooperation

The inspection was carried out on the basis of a decision by the Oslo District Court. It is suspected that there is a breach of section 10 of the Competition Act regarding illegal price cooperation.

“If this is true, it is very serious for those it may concern,” Lawyer Hanne Torkelsen tells the website of the industry, Avfallsbransjen.no

“Illegal price cooperation and similar anti-competitive cooperation, can, besides fines and penalties, lead to banning from public tenders,” Torkelsen concludes.

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