DNB chastised for «super» credit card offer

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DNB chastised by the Consumer Council for credit card offer

The Norwegian Consumer Council is very critical to that DNB connects particularly good offers to the use of credit cards. DNB retorts that the vast majority of takers are sensible.

From Thursday to Saturday this week, credit card customers of DNB who pay by credit card, have received something which DNB markets as a «super» offer. This causes the Consumer Council to react, VG reports.

“What we find to be problematic is to link this type of offer to a credit card,” Finance Director of the Consumer Council, Jorge Jensen, states. Jensen emphasises that offers are a good thing, as such, but a problem arises when something is paid for with a credit card and a customer fails to repay the debt in time.


Late payments often incur massive interest rates and the debt development in Norway is worrying, according to Jensen.

“Such sales and benefit arrangements should be made illegal,” he opinionates.

It is quite common to link use of credit cards to rebates on insurance, fuel, in shops and restaurant chain discounts.

“The actual offer is aimed at customers who already have credit cards. It is customers that DNB has considered as sound. Moreover, most of them pay the debt back before interest rates start to run,” Information Director of DNB, Even Westerveld, maintains.

“The fact that customers which we consider as sound payers, get to purchase a washing machine or raincoat for their children at a discount, is not the biggest problem to address,” Westerveld concludes.

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