Record cold in southern Norway


The cold weather snap continues in southern Norway. On Wednesday morning, the lowest temperature was recorded so far this winter, with minus 42 degrees in Folldal in Hedmark.


The temperature in Folldal is on a par with the very lowest temperatures recorded in Norway in the past 30 years.

Of the five coldest places registered in Norway during Tuesday night, four were in Hedmark county. Tynset had minus 37.5 degrees, Alvdal 30.8 and Drevsjø 29.5.

In Sel Municipality in Oppland, minus 39.7 degrees were measured on Tuesday night.

The reason for the unusually low temperatures is that Europe is getting cold air from Siberia in Russia.

“Wednesday is expected to be the coldest day this week,” said meteorologist, Per Egil Haga, at the Meteorological Institute to NTB news.

While the cold sets in seriously in the southern part of the country, Haga reports that the temperature continues to rise in the north.

‘’Here in southern Norway there are quite wintery temperatures throughout the day. There are, of course, no clouds other than some slopes here east of the water, and it blows quite well. In the north, temperatures will rise a bit,” said Haga.

The Meteorological Institute also warned of strong winds, including in Folldal.

“It can be dangerous to travel in the mountains. Strong gusts could lead to local power outages,and trees that have blown over may lie in the roadway. Loose objects like trampolines and garden furniture could blow away. Be careful when traveling outdoors’’, warned the meteorologists on the Yr site.


© NTB Scanpix / #Norway Today