Apple and Raspberry juice honoured

Lippert Matmerk Apple and Raspberry juiceLippert Drikke AS: Monica Vinje and Frode Lippert. Photo:Matmerk

Apple and Raspberry juice from Lippert Drikke honoured by the Minister of Agriculture

– It is my pleasure to award the Specialty brand badge to Monica Vinje and Frode Lippert for an outstanding product; Lippert Apple and Raspberry Juice, said Minister of Agriculture and Food, Jon Georg Dale, during the awarding of the Speciality badge for unique taste at Rygge on October 19th.


At Dyre Gård in Rygge, the best quality apples are grown and pressed in a state-of-the-art facility. In the neighboring municipality Råde, the family farm Lippert is found. They grow premium quality raspberries. This fosters excellent cooperation opportunities for new products. Lippert Apple- and Raspberry Juice is an excellent example of this.

Lippert’s raspberries are pressed at Dyre gård’s plant and then mixed with applejuice from Dyre Gård. The Raspberries are of the ‘Glen Ample’ and the apples of the ‘Red Aroma’ variety. Only berries and apples coming directly from shrubs and trees are used. Neither have been in contact with soil. This is a juice with real raw material flavour, without any additives.

– We think it’s amazing to get the Specialty brand award! It is an encouragement to move on. It is good to have a visible and tangible proof that it is top quality we work for and deliver in every aspect, says Monica Vinje from Lippert Drikke. She continues:

– We have already started printing labels with the Specialty Brand Mark for our 0.75 bottles that will be manufactured and sold this autumn. We will of course tell all our buyers and affiliates about the brand whether it’s via social media, newsletters or by direct contact. The brand we will try to use as a door opener to new markets and customers.

Approved by professional jury

The specialty label is an official information mark for Norwegian-produced local food and beverages. The branding scheme is owned by the Matmerk (food brand) foundation.

Which food and beverages passes through the needle eye is determined by an independent professional jury who tastes smells and discuss products from manufacturers who want to use the brand. The Jury evaluates thoroughly quality, taste, recipe and background. Far from all products is approved by the jury, which is led by farmer and former leader of the Liberals, Lars Sponheim.

There are just shy of 100 Norwegian manufacturers who have been granted permission to embellish their products with the Specialty brand. In total, around 450 products in the country carry the brand.


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