Relief organizations must repay assistance money

Ministry of Foreign Affairs aid moneyMinistry of Foreign Affairs of Norway. Photo: Statsbygg

Several relief agencies have had to pay back more than NOK 8.5 million to the state after the Central Control Unit revealed financial fraud.


Among them are the Aids Fund, which has had to pay back more than 340,000 kroner, and the Norwegian Nursing Association, which has returned 499,000 kroner after a special audit revealed systematic financial fraud at the base of a local partner in Uganda.

This was shown in the Central Controller’s report on financial fraud of the 31st December, 2017. The Control Unit, under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, is responsible for investigating cases of suspected financial fraud.

In the fourth quarter of 2017, a total of 18 warning cases were assessed.

The most serious case concerned the Geneva-based Center for Humanitarian Dialogue (CHD), which has had to repay NOK 7 million after investigations revealed fraud in 2010. A long trial process ended with sentences of imprisonment in 2017.


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