52 road toll stations opened in Oslo

road toll stationsToll stations in and around urban centres will no longer warn motorists about the levy. 52 more toll stations are active in Oslo as of June 1st. Photo: Ole Berg-Rusten / NTB Scanpix

52 additional road toll stations opened in Oslo

52 additional road toll stations opened in Oslo in the dark hours leading up to Saturday. The total tally of such «milk cows» in the Norwegian capital is thus 83.

Road toll stations, Toll walls and so-called Urban Development packages have been heavily debated in much of Norway in recent months. Night to Saturday, 52 new toll stations opened in Oslo. The toll stations are divided among three so-called rings: the Inner-, Oslo- and City Border Ring.

The 52 road toll stations come as a result of a settlement on Oslopakke III from 2016 and 2017. The alleged purpose of the extended system is to spread the road toll load between more people.

Demonstration against the toll stations

Demonstrations against the added toll walls are announced by both FrP (Progress Party) and FNB (The People’s Action No to more tolls) on Saturday. Not least as signboards with fares disappear in Oslo, as they have already done in other places.

List top for Oslo Frp, Aina Stenersen, along with a handful of demonstrators meet up at one of the newly opened road toll stations (Helsfyr) at 9 am.

“This road toll project is beyond all reason. Raymond Johansen (Labour) and his city council, will now abuse the motorists as a «milk cow» for investments and operations that the Oslo municipality should finance itself,” she tells NTB.



Lack of credibility

The number of toll stations has increased by 44 per cent with the Progress Party as part of the Norwegian Government. The party’s transport policy spokespersons argue that this is due to a lack of parliamentary majority for removal of the scheme.

This explanation has, however, not been believed by many, who now cast their votes for FNB instead. In direly affected Bergen, FNB is currently polling as the 2nd biggest party, for instance.

The Parliament Okayed toll projects to the tune of NOK 10 billion only last week; albeit not as part of Urban Development packages, where the levy – by an large – goes to anything but roads.

Facts about the road toll system in Oslo

  • Inner Ring: 38 road toll stations on the outside of Ring 2 in Oslo with «arms» towards Grefsen and Trosterud – levy in both directions.
  • The Oslo Ring: 22 road toll stations in existing toll wall in Oslo, with levies in both directions. The price, in each direction, is currently about half of what it was.
  • City Border: 23 road toll stations (14 added) on the city border between Oslo and Follo, Romerike and Bærum respectively. Levy towards Oslo.
  • Electric vehicles must pay road toll as of June 1st, 2019.

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