Royal Couple end their anniversary voyage in Kristiansand

royal coupleThe Norwegian royal couple's 25th anniversary. Queen Sonja, King Harald (L) and Crown Prince Haakon (R).Photo: Vegard Wivestad Grøtt / NTB scanpix

Lots of boating and a visit to the Nupen Park made the final visit of the royal couple’s 25-year anniversary journey, in Kristiansand, particularly personal.

At about 11 pm on Wednesday King Harald, Queen Sonja and the Crown Prince couple  arrived at the pier outside Kilden, before they embarked on a walking tour along the harbour.  A meeting with Christianssands Sailing association was enough to put the sailor king in a great mood.

Norwegian maritime history was a recurring theme throughout the journey, but they also made a stop in Nupen Park, designed by the Queen’s friend and mentor, the artist Kjell Nupen. The park was opened by the king in 1991, during their concentration journey, which means it celebrates its 25 years anniversary this year, just like the royal couple, who have been King and Queen of Norway for 25 years..
The Quart Festival also turns 25 this year. Mayor Harald Furre (H) did not pass up the opportunity to mention that the festival eventually left its mark on the royal house:This was the place where the Crown Prince and Crown Princess first met ,in 1999.

After the program of the national festival  in Kristiansand had been brough to an end, the Royal Family moved on to the garden party for 300 invited guests from both Agder counties, hosted by the Royal Couple, at Myren Farm. Queen Sonja welcomed the guest:
–  The national festival this morning was a great experience! It really showed the diversity of the birthplace of our dear daughter! I particularly enjoyed that the Quart festival – like the king and me – celebrates its 25th anniversary this year. For without the Quartfestival, it is hard to say who would have been the Crown Princess of Norway today!


Source: NTB scapix / Norway Today