Royal Court Annual Report: NOK 10M Spent

Royal Palace Castle Royal HouseThe Royal Palace in Oslo, Norway. Photo Norway Today Media

Norway’s Royal Court has released 2017’s annual report with better financial results than anticipated.


Although the 2017 annual report tallies a total cost of NOK 9.9M, (largest since 2007) the royal expenditures were anticipated and subsequently addressed through capital reserves mandated for disbursement from past royal budgets.

The Royal Court’s 2017 annual report reveals 2 major expenditures within last year: the 80th birthday co-celebrations of their Majesties King Harald & Queen Sonja (NOK 3.2M), and the ongoing security upgrades taking place within the royal properties & residences (NOK 6.7M).

Assist. Communications Mngr. Sven Gjeruldsen gave statement to Norway’s Dagens Næringsliv (Today’s Business), saying; ‘The security upgrade project has been active for several years and will improve physical security within the royal properties. (These upgrades) were capitalized through historical budget allotments specifically held aside for this purpose.’

‘Historical budget allotments were also set aside for the (then) future 2017 expenditures at celebrating the Royal Couple’s 25th Silver Jubilee as Norway’s King & Queen, and further expended upon the King & Queen’s official, 80th co-birthday celebrations.’ – stated Gjeruldsen.

Under King Harald and Queen Sonja’s guidance, comprehensive security & renovation projects on the Bygdøy Royal Estate, the Royal Palace and upon Oscarshall are taking place, with the latter two properties open to public tourism. Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation (NRK) projects that the final cost of security upgrades to the Royal Palace properties may total NOK 592M when finalized in year 2020.

2017 visitor admissions to Oslo’s Royal Palace & Queen Sonja’s Art Stables generated a profit of NOK 2.4M. Royal Court wages & salary budget figures increased in 2017 by NOK 6M to NOK 134M, disbursed among 160 full and part-time employees.

2017 enjoyed members of the Royal Family taking part in 658 official events,both within Norway and abroad; visiting 63 municipalities, all of Norway’s counties (including Svalbard), and Royal visits to 12 foreign countries.

Once compiled and approved, the Royal Court Annual Report is then sent to the 6 member Storting Presidium, the Ministry of Local Government and the Office of the Auditor General.

Norway’s Royal Court assists the Royal Family in the exercise of its office and is responsible for ensuring the efficient management of the Royal Palace, properties, assets & trusts.


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