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Government asked to start calorie labeling of beer and wine

alcohol testingWine. Photo: Norway Today Media


The organization Actis asks the government to stop waiting for the EU and calls for immediate labeling of sugar amount, caloric level and other nutritional content of beer and wine.

Today, alcohol beverages are exempt from the requirement on labeling of nutritional content, which is made on other foods. EU is considering introducing such a scheme, and the Norwegian government has already indicated that it will wait for the decision of EU before taking any action.
But the process takes time, and now   the patience of Actis –  the cooperative body of the field of drug and alcohol rehabilitation has ended.
– The Health Minister wants to wait for the EU, but things have come to a halt there. For reasons of public health and consumers’ rights, we have to initiate this yourself, so that Norwegians get to know what they are consuming. We can not waste any more time on waiting for things to happen,  general secretary Mina Gerhardsen in Actis says in a statement.
She believes it is important that the content of beer, alcohol- and wine bottles are brought to light.
– People are entitled to know what is in the bottle of wine, just as we get information about all the other foods and beverages we buy. There is no reason why alcohol should continue to be exempt from the requirement of content declaration.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today