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Search for WikiLeaks employee in Nordland

Saltdal Fjord WikileaksThe Saltdal Fjord seen from the eastern bank towards the south. To the left along the fjord is the European Route 6. A little to the left of the centre of the picture parts of Rognan and Rognanfjæra where boat construction has taken place for long periods of time are visible. Photo: Frankemann / Wikipedia

Renewed search for WikiLeaks employee in Nordland

The Police together with the Norwegian Coast Guard on Sunday initiated a search in the Saltdal Fjord in Nordland after the missing Dutch WikiLeaks employee, Arjen Kamphuis (46).


The search will take place throughout Sunday, according to the Nordland Police District.

– We have asked the Armed Forces for assistance in a search in Saltdalsfjorden. The Coast Guard vessel KV ”Heimdal” participate, Skiffs from the Coast Guard are also involved, says the Operations Manager, Jon-Inge Moen, to NTB.

In the same area as before

According to the Operation Manager, no new information has come to light. The search has been planned since before the weekend. The search takes place from Leivset south of Fauske into the Saltdal Fjord towards Rognan.

– This is within an area that has previously been searched, he says.

The Dutchman, Arjen Kamphuis, was observed in Bodø on August 20th for the last time. Kamphuis was to travel from Nordland by train to Trondheim and from there by plane to Amsterdam on August 22nd, but he didn’t use that plane ticket.

The police have received 80 tips in the case. They have found a collapsible kayak that they believe belongs to the missing person. The kayak was found abandoned in the Skjærstad Fjord between Fauske and Rognan.

Phone registration

Without any previous signs of life, Kamphuis’s phone was registered by a base station in the small town of Vikeså in Bjerkreim in the south of Rogaland, in the hour before midnight, on August thirtieth. First, it his Dutch SIM card was registered, secondly, a German SIM card that is also registered to his name. Since then, there have been no technical traces of the man.

The police have previously stated that they are open-minded regarding what might have happened to the Wikileaks employee. They have three main hypotheses: that the 46-years-old may have met with an accident, that he himself has chosen to hide away, or that he has been subject to a criminal offence.

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