Frp wants to pay Syrians in Norway NOK 20,000 to travel home

Jon Helgheim Progress PartyJon Helgheim Progress Party.Photo: Vidar Ruud / NTB scanpix

The Progress Party (Frp) stated that Syrians without permanent residence in Norway will receive 20,000 kroner if they return home voluntarily.


It is time that Syrians who have not been granted a permanent residence permit prepare for the return to their home country was,according to NRK news, what Frp’s immigration policy spokesman,Jon Helgheim said.

The Frp parliamentary group therefore wishes to establish a voluntary return scheme, where the return trip is paid for, and where 20,000 kroner is granted in cash contributions to those who travel.

“Syria needs reconstruction and for its own residents to travel home.

It will also help to curb the pressure on immigration in Norway” said Helgheim.

According to the Directorate of Immigration (UDI), only 2,400 of a total of 13,229 Syrians arrived after 2011 have been granted permanent residence in Norway. UDI has no program for voluntary return to Syria due to the security situation in the war-torn country.

Helgheim pointed out that the refugee settlement of 2015 states that refugees must return when the conditions in their home country allow.

He claims that “in parts of Syria it is now calm”.

Settlement and government partner, Venstre (V), called the proposal naive.

“I see no reason why we should encourage people to return to Syria.

We should prioritise those who are here, welcome them, make sure they are well integrated. It is our task now. We send out completely wrong signals if we encourage them to return now” said Guri Melby, immigration spokeswoman in Venstre.


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