Sentenced interpreters in court

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Norwegian courts have no procedures to prevent convicts from interpreting in court. It is very unfortunate, says the interpreter.

A man who has been sentenced to prison for serious violence, worked last week as an interpreter in a rough family assault case, said the newspaper Dagbladet.
In Norway there is no requirement to repute interpreting in court.
– It is very unfortunate. Interpreters can affect the outcome of a court proceeding.
It goes without saying that a person who is convicted of aggravated assault, should not interpret in an assault case, says John Richard Stokbak Sciaba, former head of the Norwegian interpreter association, told the newspaper.
Deputy Erling Moe in the court administration believes control should be considered.
-The Courts Administration is concerned with quality players who participate in the courts. This is important for legal certainty and confidence in the courts’ decisions, says Moe.
Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today