NOK 2,950 extra to pay the electricity bill

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Receivers of home support get at least NOK 2,950 extra to pay the electricity bill

The government will give at least NOK 2,950 to those receiving housing support, to help them cover high electricity bills. It will cost the state NOK 274 million.

Those who have more than one in the household receive NOK 120 per person extra.

The one-time payment will probably come before Easter, but must be approved by parliament first.

Those who receive housing support in February will receive the extra support, which is administered by the Housing Bank. That is about 90,000 households.

“The purpose of increased housing support is to ease the situation for households who have a difficult everyday life, not to capture the exact extra expenses for each individual” a government statement said.

Ministers from all four governmental parties were present when the measure was announced on Thursday.

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