Several youth embracing nature

VikafjelletVikafjellet .Photo: Berit Keilen / Scanpix

So far this year the number of children aged members of the Norwegian Trekking Association (DNT) increased by over 21 percent. In total, the association reported on an increase in membership of 7.4 percent.

There are children under 12 years old who account for what the association calls an explosive increase in the number of children who joined the association.

– This is a unique development and incredibly gratifying, said Secretary General of DNT, Nils Øveraas. When many children and young people receive an early and good relationship with nature and the outdoors it can also have a major impact in the long term, both for the individual and a public health perspective, he stressed.

In the overall membership is another record. At the beginning of September, the association passed 286,000 members – nearly 20,000 more members than the same time last year.

Sunday they celebrate the Association’s 10th anniversary of you-come-out-day. Across the country, it hosts various activities for children, youth and adults on the national walking day held twice a year.

Anyone who is interested in participating in a variety of activities ranging from hikes, climbing, games and nature trails is welcome. Tour guides and activity leaders are set up, and most events are free. Around 45,000 children and adults are expected to attend the celebration due to the great late summer weather in many places.

– I started with a very few events in 2006, and now we have a folk festival at 156 locations throughout Norway. It shows that our long-term work for all generations is a hit, says Øveraas.

Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today