Several youth parties wants to discontinue the BSU scheme

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Several youth parties wants to discontinue the BSU scheme

92 percent of the younger population is positive for housing savings for young people (BSU). Young Left will terminate the scheme and have received support from several youth parties.


“The BSU works in practice as a transfer from those who have very little to those who have a lot because it is first and foremost those who can afford to save a lot of money that can use this scheme,” says the leader of the young left, Tord Hustveit, To VG.

According to a survey conducted by the Norwegian Housing Development Association (NBBL), 92 percent of the population is positive to the BSU scheme in its existing form, according to the newspaper.

“It shows that the scheme is well-rooted in the population, including people other than the young ones,” says NBBL CEO Thor Eek.

Frp leader Siv Jensen has agreed to raise the annual saving amount to 25,000 kroner. It provides a tax deduction of 5,000 kroner a year. BSU is reserved for people up to the age of 33.

Partial support

Hustveit receives partial support from other youth parties.

“Today’s BSU scheme helps to strengthen the class divisions we already have in today’s housing market. It helps the rich young people who already have the opportunity to save money, says Andrea Sjøvoll, leader of Socialist Youth (SU).
AUF leader Mani Hussaini says the youth party backs the BSU scheme but is skeptical about the way it is done.


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