Shock-break at Elkjøp in Nittedal

Police carPolice car.Photo: Heiko Junge / NTB scanpix

Thieves backed a car right through the front door at Elkjøp on Rotnes in Nittedal Tuesday night. The thieves stole various cell phones and tablets, according to Romerikes Blad.

Police believe the burglary to be well prepared. When they came to the place, everyone had vanished.

– This is what we refer to as a shock-break. A car was backed in through the front entrance and at least four people entered the store. They have carted of miscellaneous small electronics.

We talk about cell phones, iPads and the like. Currently, it is unclear how much they have stolen, Operations Manager in Eastern Police District, Fredrik Solbakken, told the newspaper.

The car, a Nissan X-Trail, was stolen from Nannestad Monday night and was left at the scene. Police have secured surveillance video from the store and working to recoup video material from other businesses nearby.

– I would say we have some leads. We will also have crime technicians on site during the day, the Operational Manager states.

It is not known what kind of car the thieves used as a get away vehicle, or in which direction they went. The police ask for tips from the public that might be relevant to the case.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today