Shot hole in the back seat with submachine gun

Police.Police.Photo: Berit Roald / NTB scanpix

An accidental shot was fired from an MP-5 submachine gun in the yard of the Grønland police station of Oslo on January 16th.

The Oslo police had to notify the Special Bureau for Police matters about a new accidental shooting that occurred in January this year, after it went wrong in the yard of the Grønland police station in Greenland.

According to PODs report to the Ministry of Justice, which VG has had access to , a single shot was fired from an MP-5 submachine gun when it was checked before going out on patrol.

“It was during the emptying procedure at the car when an accidental shot was fired,” states the report.

The Shot hit the back seat of a patrol car, and there were no other persons in the immediate vicinity when it happened, it emerges from the report.

Press Officer at the Oslo police, Unni Grøndal, confirmed the incident to VG, but would not make any comment on the matter. Grøndal points out that it has been submitted to the Bureau of Investigation and is processed there.

It is the first known accidental shot of 2017, and the first incident involving the Oslo police since a shot was fired at Holmlia in November. There no other people were nearby either, but also involved damage to a police car.

Grøndal did not want to elaborate on the circumstances surrounding the recent accidental shot, or whether it has had any consequences.

In previous cases, some service people have temporarily been deprived of weapons permits and have had to take a new test, while others have not met any reactions, depending on circumstances.

At the beginning of February last year the temporary armament of the police was ended, after 14 months. During that period the police had fired at least 25 accidental shot.

A committee that studies possible future arming of the police is expected to submit its report on March 15 this year.


Source: VG  / Norway Today